Estate Planning

Preparing for the First Meeting

We will have a more focused discussion at our initial meeting if we have specific information on your current situation. Therefore, please fill out the questionnaire below and return it in the enclosed envelope at least 5 days prior to our first meeting. If you have questions regarding something on the form, we can answer your questions at the appointment.

Estate Planning - Prepare for Your First Meeting
Download the Form (Word Doc)

Single Estate Planning - Prepare for Your First Meeting
Download the Form (Word Doc) or Fill out the Online Version

What to Bring:

It is also helpful if you provide copies of the following items prior to or at the initial meeting:

  • A copy of your current will(s) or trust(s), if you have one, and copies of any other existing estate planning documents, and pre and post nuptial agreements.
  • Copies of any deeds to real estate, a recent property tax statement and any mortgages on the property.
  • If anyone owes you money, copies of those documents.
  •  If you own a business, copies of any partnership or buy-sell agreements.
  • The completed questionnaire (if you did not previously return it) or at least a basic statement listing assets and debts and showing who owns the asset and who any beneficiaries are.

This information will allow us to determine how to properly advise you on potential tax, probate, incapacity, and nursing home issues. We can then discuss methods of planning to preserve your assets for your heirs.

What Happens at the Initial Consultation

At the initial meeting we will discuss your individual situation and your goals. I will then apply a variety of laws to your situation and recommend estate planning steps that will accomplish your goals. All information necessary for preparation of your plan is then provided, and a written statement of total cost for your estate plan is given to you prior to the time you decide whether you want to authorize work to be completed. If a written statement of exact cost cannot be given due to
the need for more information from you, the written statement will be provided as soon as all information is received and before work is authorized.

What Happens after the Initial Consultation

One to two weeks after the initial appointment, drafts of the documents you requested we prepare are mailed to you for your review. If there are any changes to be made you will contact our office so those revisions can be done. If everything meets with your approval, you will contact us to schedule an appointment for the execution of your estate planning documents.

Questions which arise after receipt of the drafts of your estate planning documents are answered in a scheduled phone conference. At the second meeting, you are prepared to sign all documents. The estate plan is then complete.